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From arrival to first goal: Harry Kane's first days at FC Bayern | Extended BTS

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  • Opublikowany 25 sie 2023
  • A new star is shining in the sky above the Säbener Straße: From the arrival of Harry Kane to his debut goal in the Bundesliga in the opener against Werder Bremen, only seven days have passed. We followed the English star striker up close during this time and have now packed all the resulting material into a large Behind The Scenes - enjoy this special insight into a special player!
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Komentarze • 0

  • Nikolaj Madum
    Nikolaj Madum 26 dni temu +481

    Kane is not only a great player, but also a really nice and down to earth guy. I'm happy to have him in Bayern now

    • Jefferson David De Morais
      Jefferson David De Morais 26 dni temu +1

      Se o Bay perde tudo esse ano, já temos um culpado

    • Antonio Pastrana
      Antonio Pastrana 26 dni temu

      @Jefferson David De Moraisporque era tan infantil? Si se que es humor pero creer en maldiciones y etc es más fácil que creer que tuchel no plantea buena táctica ?

    • LofilD
      LofilD 26 dni temu

      he came with a private jet xD

    • Nikolaj Madum
      Nikolaj Madum 26 dni temu +4

      How is that relevant? Did you really think he would take something else?
      This is standard procedure

    • LofilD
      LofilD 26 dni temu

      @Nikolaj Madum Y it’s standard but it’s not really down to earth, isn’t it?

  • Marco Baltes
    Marco Baltes 26 dni temu +211

    This dude is exactly what we Need, he is down to Earth, a humble guy and the fact that he gave the waterman the bottle in his hands show's what a Charakter he has… MIA SAN MIA ❤️

    • Tim
      Tim 25 dni temu

      flying with private jet instead of taking one of the regular commercial flights is pretty down to earth indeed!

    • Marco Baltes
      Marco Baltes 25 dni temu +13

      @Tim i'm sorry,he's definetly outta Space because he flight in a privat jet 🤷‍♂️…

    • 3brenm
      3brenm 24 dni temu +9

      Best thing about kane is his composure. He rarely gets rattled and knows how to score, perfect number 9 really.

    • Jabber 1974
      Jabber 1974 23 dni temu +7

      @Tim pretty standard for clubs to send a private jet for their new Star.

  • Luana XoxO
    Luana XoxO 26 dni temu +99

    Er ist so ein Sympathieträger.
    Selbstbewusst und gleichzeitig bescheiden und bodenständig. Führungspersönlichkeit und Familienmensch. Ich hab in der kurzen Zeit in der er jetzt da ist das Gefühl dass er nicht nur spielerisch, sondern auch menschlich sehr gut zu unserem Verein passt und auch gut für den Zusammenhalt innerhalb der Mannschaft sein wird. Hoffe er und Müller dürfen auch mal zusammen zum Zug kommen, zwischen den beiden stimmt die Chemie schon jetzt !

  • Rich_LHDC
    Rich_LHDC 26 dni temu +128

    Tuchels reaction when he entered that room tells you all you need to know about the arrival of Harry.
    Guaranteed title and a shot at the CL. Awesome stuff Bayern.

  • Julius
    Julius 26 dni temu +240

    genau das was wir brauchen, mehr BTS content!! danke

  • Karl Albrecht
    Karl Albrecht 26 dni temu +61

    Perfekter Fit fürs uns. Kein Superstar Allüren, nicht flashy. Einfach ein bodenständiger Familienvater der perfekt rein passt. Ähnlich wie bei De Ligt. Genau solche Spieler brauchst du und nicht die Neymar’s dieser Welt. Und ich bin mir sicher er wird sich unglaublich gut mit Thomas Müller verstehen.

    • Glyn Macs
      Glyn Macs 24 dni temu +5

      If you show him love & respect , he will show you what he's capable of..

    • Mark Sallows
      Mark Sallows 5 dni temu +1

      Es scheint bereits, dass Kane und Müller eine gute Freundschaft aufgebaut haben

  • Darnell Alexander
    Darnell Alexander 26 dni temu +104

    His shooting& finishing technique is world class

  • disawat watu
    disawat watu 26 dni temu +57

    happy to see Harry Kane become a FC Bayern player, apart from being the best striker he is also a kind hearted man and friendly to fans. hope he can become the top scorer of the Bundesliga and won his first title

    • Platin
      Platin 26 dni temu +1

      his first triple this season

    • FedorSTR
      FedorSTR 24 dni temu +1

      Preferably several ones simultaneously 😊

  • Luke Gale
    Luke Gale 22 dni temu +9

    Not to underplay what a groundbreaking moment it is to see an England captain move to the heart of Germany. Hopefully the silly tabloid papers here in the UK will stop referencing wars from 100 years ago now whenever England play Germany in a major tournament.

  • Kate L
    Kate L 25 dni temu +19

    He looks like a very kind, calm, grounded person and a hard-working professional. I’m so glad he’s part of our club now!

  • Andros
    Andros 26 dni temu +10

    Just great to see that even these days there are excellent players worth millions around that are still down to earth family men that aren't above taking a pic with fans or simply saying hi to them. Awesome signing for Bayern, no doubt about it.

  • Ashley Wintle
    Ashley Wintle 22 dni temu +5

    He’s gonna have a glorious career at Munich

  • RoScho
    RoScho 26 dni temu +53

    Müller ist so wichtig für diese Mannschaft.

  • Sinba
    Sinba 26 dni temu +48

    That green/purple/black jersey combination is STUNNING

  • J
    J 23 dni temu +5

    1 Of the best and humble strikers in the world. I always loved this guy. Its time he gets some titles!

  • Arpan Paul
    Arpan Paul 25 dni temu +7

    Harry is getting the treatment he deserves, very humble and down to earth and a family man

  • Jacks Patch
    Jacks Patch 25 dni temu +10

    As a Spurs fan, you don’t know how good he really is! He will be big for Bayern, good luck kane and look after him Bayern

    • Zach Me
      Zach Me 21 dzień temu +1

      Don't worry he's at a truly world class European elite club not rubbish Spurssy 😂😂😂

  • Dimi215
    Dimi215 25 dni temu +5

    The trainer and his team welcomed HK they way he deserves… a world class player and a even better personality ❤very proud to have him at FCBayern, whole Germany loves him

  • FedorSTR
    FedorSTR 24 dni temu +6

    You guys are very lucky. You got a top striker and he's already started to earn money.
    And he deserved to have a bunch of titles long time ago and I hope at the and of the season he will have some of them.
    Good luck Harry! A lot of gouls to you!

  • Tyrone Valdéz-Krüger
    Tyrone Valdéz-Krüger 26 dni temu +38

    Down to earth and world class. Let's go to work !!!

  • Sydney Duke
    Sydney Duke 24 dni temu +6

    Congratulations - you have recruited the best centre forward in the world and a top guy to boot. Enjoy watching and supporting him.

  • Nice Lourie Yu
    Nice Lourie Yu 22 dni temu +3

    happy to see harry, i hope he can achieve his goals in this club. Both success to Spurs and Harry this season.👊🏻

  • Jacks Patch
    Jacks Patch 25 dni temu +3

    As a Spurs fan, you don’t know how good he really is! He will be big for Bayern, good luck kane and look after him bayern

  • T kyk
    T kyk 26 dni temu +15

    Bittersweet. He moved from one of two of my favourite teams to one of two of my favourite teams.

    • Jean Rose
      Jean Rose 23 dni temu +2

      Come on you Spurs

    • Andrew Gamer GL
      Andrew Gamer GL 23 dni temu +2

      I wish the best of your team in the future, Spurs have a really good manager now

  • Niklas MX
    Niklas MX 25 dni temu +4

    He is a perfect fit for FCB, his personality, his skills, everything! WELL DONE FCB!

  • Zico 9321
    Zico 9321 25 dni temu +4

    Was Harry Kane auszeichnet,ist sein Charakter!!Sich nicht wie viele andere Profis aus einem laufenden Vertrag heraus zu streiken,sondern Ehrlichkeit gegenüber seinem Heimatverein & auch unserem FCB!!

  • Fatima Tube
    Fatima Tube 26 dni temu +33

    harry kane what a goals 😍🔥

  • Ali mohammed
    Ali mohammed 25 dni temu +4

    Just one week with us and we already love him ❤

  • Max Martin
    Max Martin 25 dni temu +3

    Es macht einen einfach nur froh dieses strahlende Lächeln im FC Bayerntrikot zu sehen

  • john broadley
    john broadley 24 dni temu +3

    We mustn't forget that during these first days at FC Bayern Harry's wife Kate gave birth to their new baby boy Henry Edward . Whenever Harry scores a goal he kisses his wedding ring . His family always comes first . It's what makes Harry the gentleman he is . Congratulations Harry and Kate .

  • Geoffrey Hughes
    Geoffrey Hughes 26 dni temu +4

    Well done Harry. You will be a great success at Bayern.

  • N M
    N M 25 dni temu +3

    He has all potential to become a new Bayern legend. I would love to see that, he is such a likable human being.

  • Vuong Nguyen
    Vuong Nguyen 24 dni temu +3

    why do I have the feeling that Kane and Bayer are perfect match :D all the bests to him and Bayern

  • Alin Leonard
    Alin Leonard 17 dni temu +2

    Not a Bayern or Kane fan , but this guy is first a humble person, and excelent striker, the video is great ,, and Kane i wish you good luck,

  • Bahaa Alammar
    Bahaa Alammar 23 dni temu +3

    So happy to have Kane at Bayern

  • Die Legende Arno Dübel
    Die Legende Arno Dübel 25 dni temu +4

    Hoffentlich gewinnt er viele Titel. Er verdient es einfach 😊

  • Xiomi Echeverria
    Xiomi Echeverria 26 dni temu +23

    6:45 13:52 20:57 I need to see these two playing on the pitch together

    • Narsimha Reddy
      Narsimha Reddy 26 dni temu +3

      So do we all

    • Efren Rodriguez
      Efren Rodriguez 26 dni temu

      Bayern vs Augsburgo será el partido donde los veas juntos.

    • Xiomi Echeverria
      Xiomi Echeverria 26 dni temu

      @Efren Rodriguez pues eso espero porque hay rumores de que no colocará a müllercito sino a sane, gnabry y coman y otra vez tuchel lo tendrá en la banca

    • Revan Ar-Pharazôn
      Revan Ar-Pharazôn 24 dni temu

      @Xiomi Echeverria Müllers not yet at a 100% fitness after his injury, that's why he was only subbed in against Bremen and Augsburg. I'm very sure he'll start games soon, especially since Musiala is now injured.

  • Julia Ann (WaitingFor You)

    personality is the most important thing in this club! and it looks like match👍🏼

  • T4
    T4 25 dni temu +6

    Thank you Bayern for freeing Harry from the Tottenham 🎉. I'll be following Bayern games whenever my team is not playing, always wanted an excuse to watch a different country's league!

  • cpu99
    cpu99 22 dni temu +2

    Kane ist mega sympatsich, ich hoffe er hat eine gute Zeit bei Bayern.

  • UnchartedTV
    UnchartedTV 26 dni temu +4

    Sehr schön zu sehen, wie es scheinbar harmoniert 😁❤️

  • Rotz Löffel
    Rotz Löffel 23 dni temu +1

    Ein Profi in allen Bereichen und ein super Typ...schön dass du jetzt bei uns bist

  • Daniel Preuninger
    Daniel Preuninger 25 dni temu +4

    Harry Kane ist ein Weltklasse Mittelstürmer ❤️🇬🇧👀👍🏻✌🏻✌🏻😍😊

  • Pablo
    Pablo 26 dni temu +7

    Toller content im Moment FC Bayern 🤝 bitte weiter so 😁

  • ultramarine chaplain
    ultramarine chaplain Dzień temu

    That first goal against bremen was crucial for him i feel. It let a lot of the pressure off him

  • TonyJabroni
    TonyJabroni 13 dni temu +1

    All class. Excited for the season!

  • Cylixir
    Cylixir 26 dni temu +5

    Your videos are a refreshing breeze in the world of content.

  • jaclyn nguyen
    jaclyn nguyen 25 dni temu +1

    Amazing and nice player good luck Harry!

  • Alkaabi Fans
    Alkaabi Fans 26 dni temu +7

    Practice makes perfect 🤩

  • yo
    yo 26 dni temu +5

    It feels great to have him amongst our ranks now ♥ Mia san mia

  • EmbryonicMind
    EmbryonicMind 26 dni temu +4

    Te quiero mucho Harry Kane ❤

  • WildWalker
    WildWalker 26 dni temu +14

    Let's hope Harry Kane Hurri-Kanes to the top of the charts

  • Deniz C0C 2
    Deniz C0C 2 25 dni temu +4

    Scheint ein sympathischer Typ zu sein der Harry

  • 엠폭스=코로나백신부작용

    Harry, Servus! I’m so moved with this video. Everyone looks happy!❤

  • Russell Banfield
    Russell Banfield 25 dni temu +3

    From England to Germany, Harry Kane from FC Bayern munchen are finally here. MIA SAN MIA.

  • Nikolai Klinger
    Nikolai Klinger 26 dni temu +5

    Finally 🎉 die Saison wird großartig

  • Pradeep Shetty
    Pradeep Shetty 24 dni temu +3

    Happy for the perfect club,sad for missing son-kane duo...

  • Buluda Achoro
    Buluda Achoro 26 dni temu +3

    The imperious Harry Kane!

    CHICKEN SOUP 25 dni temu +1

    I still can't believe it!!! 😍😍😍

  • Kian jones
    Kian jones 20 dni temu

    Man does he look happy to be there 😊

  • Glyn Macs
    Glyn Macs 24 dni temu

    All the best for your new chapter Harry.

  • Pizzalui
    Pizzalui 26 dni temu +6

    Harry Gooooaaaaaaaaal!!!! 🎉🎉🎉

  • Rani Devi
    Rani Devi 26 dni temu +10

    Get ready to witness Harry Kane masterclass over the years
    Mia San Mia 💖💓❤

  • Gayle Luv
    Gayle Luv 26 dni temu +6

    Harry love it ~♡ Congratulations on your 4th child!! Happy to see automatic translation in settings

  • BobderBongmeister
    BobderBongmeister 26 dni temu +4

    Bin sehr gespannt auf die Saison!

  • Fatima Tube
    Fatima Tube 26 dni temu +8

    harry kane goalssssss 💪🖤💜🔥

  • 3brenm
    3brenm 24 dni temu +4

    Every England fan except man city fans are now supporting Bayern to win CL 😂 I'd love to see Kane finally win some trophies

  • Niels Dorhout
    Niels Dorhout 26 dni temu +5

    I cant wait to hear Harry speak in German 😂😂😂

  • priss
    priss 23 dni temu

    Saludos 😍 buen trabajo

  • B
    B 8 dni temu

    Good lad is kane, hope he gets golden boot and finally his first trophy

  • mustafa El Maghribi
    mustafa El Maghribi 26 dni temu +2

    Ich freue mich so sehr auf kane ein klasse spieler genau das was gefällt hat 🎉🎉🎉 😮

  • Nicholas L
    Nicholas L 21 dzień temu

    His Englands all time top scorer… look after him Germany 👍

  • Elena Spiricheva
    Elena Spiricheva 25 dni temu +2

    Courting Kane, of course, notably... Why such a commotion around his person? How about, a worldwide event - the current superstar from the Premier League moved to Bayern and the club's stores sold about 15,000 t-shirts with his name on the first day - from this earned 1 million euros (50,000 t-shirts in the first week)

  • Kaique Augusto Ribeiro Rodrigues

    I love you Harry Kane❤

  • Mona El - Hakim
    Mona El - Hakim 26 dni temu +3

    ❤❤ Harry Kaaaaaaaaaaaane ❤❤ Goaaaaaaal ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️👍👍👍👍
    Mein Absoluter Lieblings&Wunschspieler😊😊

  • _sv3nn3r_
    _sv3nn3r_ 25 dni temu

    Mehr davon! 🔴⚪💪🏻

  • R.Styles Racing
    R.Styles Racing 26 dni temu +2

    MIA SAN MIA! Welcome Harry! Hope for another goals tomorrow!

  • Sven S
    Sven S 26 dni temu +2

    Ein Typ wie Kane passt perfekt zum FC Bayern, hätte nur leider schon vor 10 Jahren zu Bayern kommen sollen. Aber wenn er bis 40 weiter top fit bleibt ist ja alles io.

    • 77Rhodan
      77Rhodan 26 dni temu

      6 Jahre traue ich ihm durchaus noch zu.

  • Ade Eka Putra
    Ade Eka Putra 20 dni temu

    Nice, Humble person... i am harry kane fans

  • YouTube 수첩
    YouTube 수첩 25 dni temu +2

    Kane, I hope you lift the trophy in Munich. We'll lift it, too
    Ich hoffe, Kane, dass du die Trophäe in München aufheben kannst, denn wir heben sie auch.

  • weeddegree
    weeddegree 23 dni temu +1

    Great addition to Bayern, Englands captain.

  • Alv Joon
    Alv Joon 25 dni temu +4


  • ora333
    ora333 26 dni temu +4

    Harry!! good luck!!😊🎉❤

  • KoolSavasHB
    KoolSavasHB 26 dni temu

    Symphytischer Kerl, unsere neue Nummer 9 Harry Kane !

  • FireFootball101
    FireFootball101 26 dni temu +1

    Good luck Harry on your career

  • gsus111
    gsus111 21 dzień temu

    Goretzka is a beast!

  • Janis Christian
    Janis Christian 24 dni temu

    Great Player and person

  • Tino Breckle
    Tino Breckle 25 dni temu

    Harry Kann ist einfach der beste 🎉

    JACER SALVATORE 26 dni temu +6

    Muller and Kane 😎

  • Alexander Lietz
    Alexander Lietz 26 dni temu +1

    Im so happy this is happening!

  • Charbel Saad
    Charbel Saad 5 dni temu

    Kane is a gd player and humble

  • Max Bond
    Max Bond 26 dni temu +3

    Harry ❤

  • Luca Paul Prigl
    Luca Paul Prigl 26 dni temu +1

    Just perfect

  • Manchester City
    Manchester City 26 dni temu +1

    I love you FC Bayern Forever i love you Harry Kane❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • THF
    THF 22 dni temu

    His kid has a pretty good strike for a 3 year old or however old he is.

  • Edgar Hernandez
    Edgar Hernandez 24 dni temu +1

    Every time I see Tuchel and Kane embracing in his office I think of the last scene in The Shawshank Redemption. They escaped those clubs.

  • Peter Davidson
    Peter Davidson 23 dni temu +1

    I hope he makes the same wonderful impression that Jurgen Klinsmann made in the U.K.

  • Marc Büller
    Marc Büller 26 dni temu

    cant wait to see harry in the next match

  • David Blank
    David Blank 22 dni temu

    The Hurricane that is Harry Kane!

  • S D
    S D 24 dni temu

    Bayern are a monster club. They seem such a cool professional place of place. Hail Germany