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Chelsea Legends beat FCB! | FC Chelsea vs. FC Bayern 4-0 | Highlights

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  • Opublikowany 8 wrz 2023
  • Kicking for a good cause! Under the motto "Legends of Europe", the two teams of legends from Chelsea FC and FC Bayern met on Saturday evening. Numerous icons of the two clubs did the honors and thrilled the 35,000 spectators at London's Stamford Bridge. With their commitment on the pitch, the Blues and the Reds not only revived the great duels of the past in the hosts' 4-0 win, but also supported a good cause at the same time. All proceeds from the match went to charity, with equal shares going to the Chelsea Foundation and The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.
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Komentarze • 0

  • Capn Cavey
    Capn Cavey 11 dni temu +539

    From a Chelsea Fan, thank you Bayern Munich for a wonderful match, respect to you 💗💙

    • iwishicouldsaveyou
      iwishicouldsaveyou 11 dni temu +6

      You mean.. thank you for letting us win :D

    • Nathan Towill
      Nathan Towill 11 dni temu +17

      lol it was a friendly, no one cares about the result

    • DarkBlade
      DarkBlade 11 dni temu +9

      @Nathan Towill why so salty

    • Yordan Gatev
      Yordan Gatev 11 dni temu +2

      Good to see so many wonderful players from both teams. Bayern fan.

    • Huzzy Jr
      Huzzy Jr 11 dni temu +7

      @iwishicouldsaveyou cry more

  • Promochuks
    Promochuks 11 dni temu +112

    They even have more passion than the current Chelsea team

  • MrPhixdIt
    MrPhixdIt 11 dni temu +78

    Michael Essien rolling back the years with a lung busting run into the box and finishing with a header! .. Zola still got them defence splitting passes and Salomon Kalou .. still missing open goals.. 😂

  • Soothingly Cool
    Soothingly Cool 11 dni temu +132

    Arsenal fan here but ive always rated essien and ballack as the bestest of epl midfielders. Their injuries were so so unkind though. Both were physical beasts who would bump or shoulder nudge you aff the ball but no one ever nudged or bumped them off. Strength in abundance. Davids was another.

    • Minister Grace
      Minister Grace 11 dni temu


    • archipiratta
      archipiratta 11 dni temu

      Essien should've come to Utd 😢

    • Huzzy Jr
      Huzzy Jr 11 dni temu +13

      @archipiratta He didn't want to play for a club who abuse their wives

    • Pete TRc
      Pete TRc 11 dni temu +3

      Arsenal fan too, I really liked Zola and it feels good to see him play 😊

    • Private679 R.I.C.O
      Private679 R.I.C.O 11 dni temu +1

      ​@archipirattain other words you wanted him to waste his career, nobody thrives going to that club

  • Oheneba Bonsu
    Oheneba Bonsu 11 dni temu +331

    Chelsea legends can score current Chelsea squad😢

  • Les Brown
    Les Brown 11 dni temu +76

    Legends scoring goals without Drogba Anelka Dennis wise Lampard such a fun to watch unlike our current pre school kids that refused to win games.

    • Janitoro
      Janitoro 11 dni temu +4

      Why are you talking about Drogba? Drogba was in his prime in the 2010s. I think it’s already enough that 1990s to 2005 Bayern Legends had to go up against 2005 to 2015s legends… lol

  • Dboi Akosty
    Dboi Akosty 11 dni temu +106

    So refreshing to watch
    Blues legends still got it

  • Nat Kebede
    Nat Kebede 11 dni temu +98

    This Chelsea team should continue playing the premier league after the international break 😊

    • Islom Tuyjonov
      Islom Tuyjonov 11 dni temu +2

      they will definitely be better than the current team

    • jeffrey rediel
      jeffrey rediel 6 dni temu

      Then you’ll under what speed is from opposition teams in the EPL, some of these guys are my favourite, but they will be wrecked

  • mark laws
    mark laws 11 dni temu +136

    Prefer watching Chelsea legends. They actually look to attack and actually score.

    • Irma Bernard
      Irma Bernard 11 dni temu

      Fr tho

    • Oggie Blue
      Oggie Blue 11 dni temu

      Chelsea players looked more fit. Hutchinson and Bertrand are still pro players. Thank you Bayern for the match. Hope you and tuchel well for the campaign

  • Fat Mikel the PE Teacher
    Fat Mikel the PE Teacher 11 dni temu +254

    Chelsea legends would beat the current Chelsea squad

  • Ottih Mathias
    Ottih Mathias 8 dni temu

    Felt good seeing these wonderful guys play together again. A joy to watch and just nostalgia. JT Captain, Leader, Legend.

  • Femi Odunsi
    Femi Odunsi 11 dni temu +4

    Great to see so many players including some pre-2020 guys- Zola, Flo etc. I was shocked to see Casiraghi! Great game! Loved it- brought back memories of the passion and grind I associate with Chelsea.

  • Oppong Edmond
    Oppong Edmond 11 dni temu +61

    Aww! I miss the good old Chelsea that dominated both the domestic league and champions league.

    • Oscar Chido
      Oscar Chido 11 dni temu +4

      Which League and Champions league did they dominate

    • Summer Love
      Summer Love 10 dni temu +1

      Dominate? Chelsea have no history

  • Kadir Waymah
    Kadir Waymah 11 dni temu +53

    Our legends can still beat our current boys oh gosh what football from de legends is true legends never die 💥✨

    • Felix Bankole
      Felix Bankole 11 dni temu

      They can't, bcuz no strength to run, bcuz they are playing old footballers and bayern players are older than the Chelsea players

  • dawogfather
    dawogfather 11 dni temu +15

    Great to see this sort of game. Need more of them. Zola is just a class above isn’t he

  • Fabian Iloabachie
    Fabian Iloabachie 9 dni temu +3

    Such an entertaining match..thank you legends...still fit on field of play

  • Sylvian Kimkpe
    Sylvian Kimkpe 11 dni temu +92

    Micheal Essien is still balling😮

    • khalafyt
      khalafyt 11 dni temu +2

      True, Tiago as well!

    • Obo Diamond
      Obo Diamond 11 dni temu +3

      I swear e still deh him blood

  • Nzenwa _Praise
    Nzenwa _Praise 11 dni temu +4

    So amazing see the legends play again despite the ages but they did absolutely well and I enjoyed it ❤

  • Juanjo
    Juanjo 10 dni temu +1

    Thank you for this great match. After this tragedy team post-war 2022-2023 it's so beautiful to see again those legends that made great the club. Hope the new 100M players watched this match to know where are they playing for

  • Ismael José Dos Santos Carvalho

    Bota este time do Chelsea para jogar a Premier league que vamos ganhar!

  • Yeboah Kwaku
    Yeboah Kwaku 11 dni temu +18

    Am happy our legends came to give us de happiness we hv bn waiting for.

  • Aung Tun Naing
    Aung Tun Naing 11 dni temu +1

    Wonderful match.Legends is the legends.

  • Happy Mosoeu
    Happy Mosoeu 10 dni temu +1

    Zola is something else🙌considering his age..World Class Legend there

  • John Farley
    John Farley 11 dni temu +3


  • John Gerd
    John Gerd 11 dni temu +16

    What a amazing match 🎉❤

  • andrew sausman
    andrew sausman 11 dni temu +6

    Was at this game as a bayern fan, one of perhaps 100. bayern jerseys.. What an atmosphere! MIA SAN MIA

  • Jeremiah Wordsworth
    Jeremiah Wordsworth 11 dni temu +6

    This got me so emotional seeing these guys 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🫶🏿🫶🏿🫶🏿

  • Sankum Sachs
    Sankum Sachs 11 dni temu +5

    I was at the game. Wonderful atmosphere. It's worth noting that John Terry, who wore his trademark No. 26 jersey, score his goal LITERALLY on the strike of the 26:00 mark. Spooky stuff.

  • Joseph Chukwuma
    Joseph Chukwuma 11 dni temu

    There's joy watching our legends play again

  • RayShow TV
    RayShow TV 11 dni temu

    As a teen, i watched them play. Now im 36, damn time flies.

  • The Happyness Show
    The Happyness Show 11 dni temu +3

    The Chelsea I fell in love with 😍

  • PJO
    PJO 11 dni temu +2

    Wonderful to see those legends

  • Ivan K
    Ivan K 11 dni temu +1

    Shows you what football was before 🔥

  • Osodo Wycliffe
    Osodo Wycliffe 10 dni temu

    💙💙 young Chelsea FC players still have a lot to do on the pitch..see the legends 🎉

  • ikenna arthur
    ikenna arthur 11 dni temu +1

    Talent never dies it simply fades away.

    • Frank Feng
      Frank Feng 11 dni temu

      Legend never leaves it simply passes on.

  • las loquitas de YouTube
    las loquitas de YouTube 11 dni temu +7

    Como quisieran los del chelse fc que la plantilla Actual jugara un 5% como estas leyendasss👏👏👏

  • Steve G
    Steve G 11 dni temu +3

    shows us what we are missing with current Chelsea team, I hope Poch makes players watch this

  • Loy Chhoung Thoeng
    Loy Chhoung Thoeng 11 dni temu +2

    There should be more goals if Drogba were there. These legends still play so well.

  • rose aim
    rose aim 11 dni temu +3

    They still got it. I love watching things like this. Chelsea current team can learn something from this video

  • Robert Afadi tetteh
    Robert Afadi tetteh 10 dni temu

    Age is just a number, the team we all wish to watch all time on our screen. Chelsea to the word ❤❤❤

  • Richard Whiteson
    Richard Whiteson 11 dni temu +19

    JT still looks like he could hold a place down in this Chelsea team.

  • Chiagozie
    Chiagozie 11 dni temu +3

    Better than the current squad 💙😤

  • Isaac Chindumba
    Isaac Chindumba 11 dni temu +3

    It was an awesome game to watch 🎉

  • Joy Muriithi
    Joy Muriithi 11 dni temu +2

    This Chelsea legends made me support Chelsea ....up blues 💙💙 💙

  • Gustavo Vallejo
    Gustavo Vallejo 11 dni temu +1

    ojala que los actuales jugadores vean este partido y se motiven

  • Breno wyatt
    Breno wyatt 11 dni temu +4

    se colocar as lendas do chelsea pra jogar a premier league.
    agora, eles jogam muito melhor do que o time que tá presente hoje.
    porque cê é louco mano que time ruim da misera é o chelsea de hoje.
    e falo isso com dor no coração pois esse clube é minha paixão
    Azul para sempre

    KAGGWA JOHNVIANE 11 dni temu +12

    Ramirez,Mikel and Essien only retired because it's part of the journey ut they're still able

  • Elena Spiricheva
    Elena Spiricheva 11 dni temu

    The legends of Bayern lost to the Chelsea legends in a friendly match at Stamford Bridge and no matter what score, the main thing is the memory of those who used to show impossibly beautiful football. To see all these players together is a real celebration. I didn't watch the this match, looked at the review now - the game is pedestrian, the level of wrestling is like in MLS. The saddest thing is that don't know any of them in the Bayern squad, there are no big names. In general, it was not a battle, but an evening of memories. Don't often see such stars on the field.
    P.S. overall this is a bad day for German football. The national team of the country shamefully and devastatingly lost to the "real football" nation - the Japanese. With all my great respect for Flick, he does not pull from the word at all - he is not suitable for such a role. Hansi is a club coach by his type, not a national team coach. Think it's right that he was fired - the results in the last matches are total sadness. I think it's not just about the coach. I watched the match yesterday, although I'm not a fan of the German national team, just for the sake of interest, and I'll say that the class of game almost all players is just depressing, not level of the national team. It's scary to imagine what the French will do to them on Tuesday

  • leo kevin
    leo kevin 10 dni temu +1

    Mikel Obi pass was superb....Damn to good💥💥💥💥

    FERNANDO KURAN 11 dni temu +1

    Its really good to see legends playing despite age this goes on to show that you should never give up on your dreams i am sure there is someone who wanted to quit football because of age now the person after watching this maybe he/she changd their mind

  • Blessing Bee Gaffa
    Blessing Bee Gaffa 11 dni temu +2

    It was a great match, thank you.

  • Ernest Nana Asare
    Ernest Nana Asare 11 dni temu +9

    Lovely.. I kept smiling 😊

  • SonGras
    SonGras 11 dni temu +6

    van Buyten, Lucio ... wenn ich all diese Namen wieder lese, kickt die Nostalgie ❤

  • Priscila Jennett
    Priscila Jennett 11 dni temu

    Deine Videos sind wirklich fesselnd und kraftvoll!✌️

  • Pankaj R
    Pankaj R 11 dni temu +4

    Essien's header was so good.

  • wikku nugroho
    wikku nugroho 10 dni temu

    Michael Essien, legenda Chelsea yang sempat main di salah satu klub terbaik Indonesia, Persib Bandung.

  • Ivan Black
    Ivan Black 9 dni temu

    This is pure Chelsea, that I respect
    Not today's team

  • Almir Avdijevski
    Almir Avdijevski 11 dni temu +2

    Chelsea legends 💙

  • Roger G.
    Roger G. 5 dni temu +1

    La Generación Dorada del Chelsea FC

  • Onotu Mark
    Onotu Mark 3 dni temu

    These legends even play better than the present crop of Chelsea players

  • OgaBest
    OgaBest 11 dni temu +4

    Great game am so pleased with my legends up chels

  • DerAlteMan
    DerAlteMan 11 dni temu +84

    Essien schon immer ein geiler Kicker gewesen , glaube der hätte es immer noch drauf

  • plateau lounge
    plateau lounge 11 dni temu +1

    How are these legends able to shoot from Distance and the old and current Chelsea team can’t even shoot from Distance!

    DOMINIC'S PALACE 11 dni temu +1

    We'll have the next legends soon I believe In our squad they'll soon become legends also

  • Mwantu Wisdom
    Mwantu Wisdom 7 dni temu

    Chelsea centre backs always banging goals... Issa Chelsea thing

  • F - YOUNG
    F - YOUNG 11 dni temu +3

    How I wished Ballack and Robben featured in this game. Who would they play for since both players players for both teams.

  • Innocent nwaigwe
    Innocent nwaigwe 11 dni temu +7

    I like the legend mode and JT 26 scoring at 26th minutes.

  • one love
    one love 11 dni temu +2

    Good old days legends. 😅

  • Tambah Saah
    Tambah Saah 11 dni temu +1

    There should be a summer tournament for these guys.

  • Mash patatoo
    Mash patatoo 10 dni temu

    My blues 💙

  • Stan Stannard
    Stan Stannard 10 dni temu

    Brilliant Chelsea 😊

  • Evans Laffa
    Evans Laffa 11 dni temu

    John terry scored on the 26th minute and he wears #26 ,just class

  • Bernard Junior
    Bernard Junior 8 dni temu

    These guys look even more collected than the stuff we have today called young players team and this shows what Chelsea used to enjoy in those guys I really remember the glorious days of Chelsea but this clueless new Chelsea owner won't make any sense in that direction

  • Sultan Hufane
    Sultan Hufane 11 dni temu +1

    these legends did in one match what current players did in 4 matches. It's disappointing to see Chelsea buying big, talented players who aren't playing with them. we can't play with 5 defenders against any team, it's shameful! let's change the style of play and this bad system. It's only idiots who don't change.

  • Lenord
    Lenord 11 dni temu

    casi todos cracks en su juventud

  • jora
    jora 7 dni temu

    Thanks to FC Bayern Munich for respect memory of Gianluca Vialli !!

  • Sport Backup
    Sport Backup 11 dni temu +3

    This best match in history

  • Nnange Akume
    Nnange Akume 10 dni temu +1

    They give better passes than current chelsea

  • Osvaldo CB
    Osvaldo CB 11 dni temu +4

    Still playing FIFA 11, and it is amazing how time flies 😮😢

  • pweety toby
    pweety toby 11 dni temu

    This is Good... this Chelsea legend are more better than the current Chelsea squad ..i ❤❤❤ this...

  • Mukhtar Abdi
    Mukhtar Abdi 11 dni temu +7

    Die Legenden sind echt cool😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    SVTNNS NS 11 dni temu

    I miss this blue Guys.Once a blue always a blue 💙

  • Nnange Akume
    Nnange Akume 10 dni temu

    Damn these guys are old. My childhood 😢

  • Jay C
    Jay C 11 dni temu +1

    Better than the current Chelsea XI

  • yes it's more than 9 inches

    This squad looks more promising than current chelsea team

  • Paul
    Paul 10 dni temu

    This was fun to watch😊

  • Newor
    Newor 11 dni temu +1

    Zola is pristine 🙌🏿

  • Hosea Meykol, SE
    Hosea Meykol, SE 10 dni temu

    Teringat final liga Champions 2012 gua😢

  • Charlie Worley
    Charlie Worley 11 dni temu +6

    Look at the time when Terrys shot hits the net 😅

    • Emmanuel Etim
      Emmanuel Etim 11 dni temu

      😂 😂 😂 Just saw it. The time and the number on his shirt!!

    • Sanjay
      Sanjay 11 dni temu

      Would have been better if he score at 69:00

  • Real authority
    Real authority 11 dni temu +1

    Looking better than current squad 😅

  • moko emmanuel
    moko emmanuel 11 dni temu

    I love the coach. Chose the squad well. Dimateo

  • Curious1ne
    Curious1ne 11 dni temu +1

    We genuinely might need Essien On Loan, just until lavia’s back on his feet. Steady this ship uno. Boehly should think about it.

  • Jake Ressa
    Jake Ressa 11 dni temu +4

    Better than the first team 😂😂

  • Ibe Chukwuedozie
    Ibe Chukwuedozie 10 dni temu

    Who gave that wonderful pass for the last goal?

  • Peter Idowu
    Peter Idowu 9 dni temu

    Amazing..... they should start a legends league😅

  • Terry Frank
    Terry Frank 11 dni temu

    Beauty of football

  • Bernard Jones
    Bernard Jones 11 dni temu

    We should get them back they look much fitter than this current crop we got now

  • Muhammad Trisnaldi Rosdiawan

    Persib legends are great; Essien 👌

  • Kevin Lopez
    Kevin Lopez 11 dni temu

    It was nice to see Chelsea Legends (from a Bayern fan). 💙🫶🏻❤️

  • Saiid
    Saiid 11 dni temu

    Half this squad could start for Chelsea today.